Monday, April 4, 2011

Morning Prayer Guide - Monday

Read: Isaiah 59:9-19 and Psalm 146

Our theme the past few days has been light. Yesterday we read about Jesus healing a man who had been blind since birth. He had been in darkness.

Isaiah talks about how the people had been in darkness, searching for light. Then he moves into a prophecy of how the Lord sees the injustice and darkness and comes to redeem his people. To Isaiah, this is light entering the dark places. This is blindness being healed.

The seasons of Lent and Advent are times when we realize that we live in darkness and that we need Christ’s light in our lives to be able to see where to go. Lent is a time when we can look within ourselves and see where the darkness is. Hopefully you have been taking the opportunity to examine yourself and see where you stand with Christ, and where you need to be.

Where do you need light? Is it on your path? Is it within yourself? Ask God to give you the light you need. You may find the following prayer helpful:

O Lord, grant us that love which can never die, which will enkindle our lamps but not extinguish them, so that they may shine in us and bring light to others. Most dear Savior, enkindle our lamps that they may shine forever in your temple. May we receive unquenchable light from yo so that our darkness will be illuminated and the darkness of the world will be made less. Amen. (Attributed to St. Columba of Ireland)

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