Thursday, April 7, 2011

Morning Prayer Guide - Thursday

Read: Ezekiel 33:10-16 and Psalm 130

Turn from your wicked ways! Do not die, but live! The message of Ezekiel is clear: if you are not following God, you are dead. But if you do follow him, you find life. Death is a state of nothingness, of excommunication from God. Life is a state of blessing and communion with God. Which would you choose?

This is one reason why Holy Communion is so important and should be taken as often as possible. By participating in the liturgy, we join Christians from all parts of the world and all points in time in reliving Christ’s sacrifice, renewing our covenant to live a holy life, and allowing Christ to reveal himself within us. As we receive the Most Precious Body and Blood, we receive Christ within ourselves all over again. He takes the death within us and brings it to life.

Christ speaks the words of life. Will you listen?

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