Monday, July 4, 2011

Morning Prayer Guide - Monday

Read: Romans 1:18-25 and Psalm 131

How often we proclaim ourselves to be wise! How often we think we have the answers. We think we’ve arrived. But St. Paul writes that, though we claim to be wise, we’re actually foolish. We try to remake God in our own image, putting him in a box, trying to make him look like something he isn’t. It isn’t a happy thought.

So God turns us over to ourselves. It hurts him to do so, but God is not going to force anyone to love him – to do so would be to violate our free will and the essence of our existence. God took a risk and created us with free will and the ability to choose between him and ourselves – because God knew that if we did choose him it would be a genuine love and not just something we’re programmed to do. So he allows us to wallow in our selfishness, though it pains him to do it.

The worst of it is that we exchanged truth for a lie. We worship the creation rather than the Creator. We, in our selfishness, replaced God and slapped him in the face with our arrogance.
Reflect on this. Have you tried to remake God into your own image? Have you begun to worship the creation rather than the Creator? Have you chosen to follow your selfish desires over God’s? You may find the following prayer helpful:

Merciful God, we in our selfish ignorance have rejected you and chosen to follow a lie. Forgive us! Help us to see the error of our ways. Help us to follow you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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