Thursday, July 7, 2011

Morning Prayer Guide - Thursday

Read: Romans 2:12-16 and Psalm 65:9-13

God wants us all to follow him. So he has graciously written the law in our hearts so that even those who have not heard the law can follow it. For those who have heard the law, it becomes their responsibility to follow the law, but God does not fault those who have not heard it. Which does not mean that we can allow them to never hear it – it is easy for them to become at odds with God if they do not know how to avoid it. Still, God has grace and love far and above our own.
We carry this love and grace with us wherever we go. God expects those of us who have accepted him to pour his grace and love into those around us. He wants us to bring others to a point where they can follow him as well.

As you are washing feet this week, extend the love and grace of God to everyone you meet. Write your own prayer.

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