Friday, August 12, 2011

Morning Prayer Guide - Friday

Read: Isaiah 63:15-19 and Psalm 67

It seems pretty obvious that being killed by people throwing huge rocks at you is not pleasant. St. Paul is stoned and left for dead. But then he gets up and goes right back into the city, right back to the very people who tried to kill him.
Imagine what he must have looked like, bruised and broken and bleeding. Imagine how it must have felt, how much pain he must have been dealing with. We don’t know how many bones were broken, or how many cuts he had, or whether he had a concussion. But we can safely assume that if his attackers thought he was dead, he must have looked and felt pretty awful. For all we know, he may have had complications from this for the rest of his life. At least we have modern health care. He didn’t. He just had to live with it.

But he got right back up and kept on preaching. He and Barnabas got up the next morning and went on to the next place. He didn’t allow his injuries to stop him. He didn’t allow his adversaries to win. He didn’t give up.

Be like Paul. When life throws rocks at you, get up and keep going. When faced with pain and adversity, keep going. Paul didn’t complain about his pain. He didn’t gripe to anyone who would even pretend to listen. He kept doing what God wanted him to do. Be like Paul. Write your own prayer.

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