Monday, August 8, 2011

Morning Prayer Guide - Monday

Read: 2 Peter 2:4-10 and Psalm 18:1-19

St. Peter writes his final letter in the dark days leading up to his death. Time is short, and there is much to be said. The Church is heading into a time of trial and difficulty and persecution at the hands of the Roman government. But there is hope, because God has brought his people through trying times in the past.

We sometimes feel that what we’re going through is the worst thing that’s ever happened. We feel like we’re alone. We feel like God doesn’t care and that he’s too far away to see what’s happening anyhow. But God does see, and he does care, and there are other people who have experienced the same things, and what we face is rarely the “worst thing that’s ever happened”. It may be the worst that’s happened to any single one of us, but there is always something worse that could happen, and there is always someone else who is arguably worse off than we are.

Instead of focusing on how bad it all is, however, we need to focus on how God can bring us through difficult times and how we can learn and grow through them. Life is tough. There’s no end of things that can go wrong. There’s no end of things that can turn out differently from the way we wanted them to go. But instead of being negative, we need to focus on the positives and the lessons. We should be ever growing, because discipleship is dynamic, not static.

How has God helped you through difficult times in the past? How did you respond to those situations? Did you respond with anger and fear? Or did you find a way to learn and grow through the difficulties? Take a few moments to pray about this. Then, write your own prayer.

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