Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Morning Prayer Guide - Wednesday

Read: Matthew 15:32-39 and Psalm 78:1-8, 17-29

Jesus had compassion on the crowd. They had come to listen to him, putting aside their comfort and focusing on him. Certainly there were those present who were merely there to see and be seen. There were those who were there just for a great magic trick. But there were also those who recognized that this rabbi from Capernaum was very different from the rest. There were those who were captivated by his words and his ministry. There were those who had put aside their lives to follow him around and hear what he had to teach.

It’s pretty easy to join a church and be a Christian. It’s a lot like joining the Rotary Club or the garden club. They do some good. They give warm fuzzies. They get to argue about petty things, getting lost in meaningless details (of course no one thinks their own details are meaningless or petty, just the others’ ideas). Churches seem to operate like that. We have wars about whether the flowers should be put on the altar or not (they shouldn’t), or whether or not to use the proper liturgy for Holy Communion (we should), or even what Sister Bertha would want us to do with the money she bequeathed on her deathbed.

But of course it’s deeper than that. God’s agenda is a bit broader than ours. He’s more concerned with having us build the kingdom now. The pettiness and meaningless details will be burned away and lost, but the work we do at God’s command will withstand the test of time and pressure.

Do you get lost in pettiness? Do you lose yourself in meaningless details at the expense of following Jesus? Take a few moments to pray about this. Then, write your own prayer.

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