Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Morning Prayer Guide - Wednesday

Read: Matthew 8:23-27 and Psalm 18:1-19

There is a great lesson in these few verses. Jesus got on to the disciples because of their lack of faith. They, in their fear, didn’t stop to think about what they should do. They ran to Jesus instead.

That’s not to say that running to Jesus is wrong. We should do it more often. But Jesus expects us to mature to the point that we take things on for ourselves. Here’s the perfect case. Jesus, asleep in the boat, was obviously unconcerned by the storm. He wanted the disciples to respond to the storm by rebuking it for themselves. They had the power. They just didn’t recognize it. They didn’t have the faith.

Remember, faith is looking into the spiritual dimension and seeing what God wants us to do about a situation, and then doing our part to bring it about. Faith equals obedience. God wanted them to be able to say “Peace, be still” to the storm. But in their moment of fear they didn’t recognize that. Instead, they wanted to include the only calm person on the boat in their anxiety. Anxiety spreads faster than any flu epidemic. It causes us to stop thinking and start reacting, often with bad results.
How often have we been faced with something, a defining moment of growth, only to flub it? Certainly, God’s grace and forgiveness covers us. But what if we’d responded differently? What might we have learned? What situations might we have avoided?

How is your faith? When faced with a storm, do you respond with prayer and action, or do you freeze in fear and reaction? Take a few moments to pray about this. Then, write your own prayer.

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