Thursday, September 8, 2011

Morning Prayer Guide - Thursday

Read: 1 Peter 3:8-12 and Psalm 103:8-13

St. Peter writes that we are called to be a blessing, and that if we do so, we will receive a blessing in return. Our reason for doing so is not to get the blessing, though, but to be a blessing. The fact that we get one back is just “icing on the cake.” Being a blessing would still be a requirement if nothing was given in return. It is interesting how, when we do things for the sake of receiving a blessing or a warm, fuzzy feeling, we seem to fail more often than not. But those times when we follow God’s calling to be a blessing, not thinking about what we ourselves will receive from it, we end up getting more than we gave. Mission work is a good example. We give our time, energy, and skills to help someone in need (whether the recipient is across the ocean or across the street). We may go with the intention of being rewarded, or we may go with the intention of giving and not receiving. God blesses those who give without asking for or expecting anything in return. Let us give without asking or expecting anything in return. We may give our time, our skills, our money, or many other things. When we do this, coupled with living a lifestyle of holiness, God will reward us. Ask God to help you with this.. Then, write your own prayer.

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